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Business analysts must exhibit a variety of underlying competencies in order to succeed in their roles. In this course, The Business Analysis Techniques Toolkit, you’ll learn how to apply a wide variety of techniques to accomplish your objectives as a business analyst. First, you’ll learn what skills enable analysts to harness strategic thinking in business analysis scenarios. Next, you’ll discover the skills leveraged to elicit information from resources and stakeholders, and how to use modeling methods to analyze and communicate your findings and recommendations. After that, you'll learn how analytical analysis techniques can be used to build the business case for change to take place. Finally, you’ll explore how to manage change initiatives and review their results to ensure that they empower the organization to reach its goals. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have an understanding of the skills needed to succeed as a business analyst, and which techniques will allow you to surmount challenges at every step of the analysis life cycle.


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  • Casey Ayers