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  • 2 hours
  • intermediate


In this CINEMA 4D tutorial, you'll learn how to create a time-lapse animation. We'll learn many techniques for both animating and compositing a realistic-looking scene. We start out with a scene built in CINEMA 4D with only our textures and the models. The next steps are bringing this scene to life using tags to animate our camera, bend deformers to animate our trees, and the Physical Sky object to light the shot and make the time look like it's passing quickly. We'll also add an android-like figure, which needs a lot of work to pose, but the storytelling aspect of adding this character is well worth the work needed to make it look great. We also spend some time playing with our render settings to make sure that we get the perfect render once we are ready to composite. We then take the rendered frames into After Effects, where we bring the passes together and add a few elements that create an even more believable time-lapse. We finish off by adding lens effects to the overall shot. By the end of this CINEMA 4D training you'll know some quick tricks for getting the time-lapse look you need for your next project. Software required: After Effects CC, Cinema 4D R16, Red Giant Suites.


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  • Laura Hawk