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Golang VS Python: Why Golang is better?

In the world of web development, being agile is another name of being a winner. Businesses can get a very competitive edge by growing their websites and web applications into a faster-developed form. This also involves fewer expenses and resources that are involved. Apart from that, they do not only want a web development that is fast on-demand but also the same for advanced usability and seamless user experience. You can go through the following features of Golang and see for yourself if choosing it over Python is a better choice or not.

This brings in the emergence of a more functional and advanced programming language for web development functionality. Hence the two contenders for this are Golang and Python. This article will bring out several different deciding factors for you to choose which is better. You will find the benefits and many other variables of both the languages that would give you an in-depth review of both options.


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Golang: Reasons why it is better

It is being deemed that Golang might replace Python shortly. The communications in the developer's community keep on discussing the pros and cons of both these languages. If you are in search of powerful tools for web development such as mobile app development, ERP systems, and microservices, then Golang might be a great option for you to switch to.


Many people have graded Golang to be even simpler than Python itself. Golang is a lot faster to be learned and also beats Python in this domain. Most developers also claim that Golang is almost as simple and easy as JavaScript.

Compilation abilities

Apart from being a compiled language, Golang also compiles into a single binary. Golang links all its dependant libraries and the modules statically into one binary file. Through it, you don't even need to install any of the dependencies on the server. You only have to upload a compiled file to make your app start working.

Concurrency and faster performance

The Golang concurrency model makes sure that a faster performance is brought in the web development. To give this justice, most of the modern languages are using concurrency. But the Golang approach is in a way that it gets more resource-efficient ways. Instead of using resource-demanding threads of Python, Golang uses isolated goroutines. Using this approach saves the resources of CPU and memory. In the end, this approach results in using a considerably faster performance and also helps reduce costs and resources.

Native support

Golang gives native support to a variety of different tools. This is so you don't have to search for any third-party libraries to use it. For sure, you can also download lots of other tools and frameworks if you want to, but the essential tools are already built-in the language core. This also helps speed up the process of the entire Golang web development and rids you of the need to look for any other third-party assets.

Clear syntax

The clear syntax is one other thing that majorly contributes to the amazing simplicity and ease of GoLand web programming. This holds zero nonessential components. GoLand was brought into existence, having utility in mind. Instead of going deeper into the language structure, developers can now focus only on the development itself.

Golang is very pragmatic, while the Python community still goes beyond gophers, and the number of Go advocates is increasing each day. It is also good because Golang has already proved that "advanced" is no more similar to being complex, slow, and expensive. For real, you can achieve an amazing development speed with also sacrificing quality or making heavy investments. Moreover, there are already a number of Golang web frameworks to make a choice from if you have decided to benefit from Golang.


The performance of Golang can be checked by solving three of the problems namely the Mandelbrot equation, n body problem, and also the fasta. These three are one of the really complex equations and hence need a lot of time to be solved. But through this experiment, it will always prove that Golang surpasses Python and comes first in performance.


Libraries are mostly a gift for the developers as they make it a lot easier to program. In GoLang, there are the most important libraries that are part of the language and are there as inbuilt Go Libraries. Though the number may not be as huge as Python, the covered usage fields are almost the same. They have outstanding libraries both for web development and concurrent programming.


When you are developing software for a client, you are working as a team with hundreds of developers. Code readability at such times is a very important factor. Go has very strict rules as it does not let unnecessary variables get created. There is a definite way of performing a task that leads to a better understanding of code in large groups. GoLangs syntax is also a lot less friendly to beginners but is not as unforgiving as C or C++. GoLang has a lot better readability.


Hence proven that Golang brings a lot more functionalities and ease of use as compared to Python. The number of options you have in the former beats the offers made by Python, and you can enjoy web development. Web development done through Go is a lot more fast and easy to read on the backend. This allows a mutual collaboration of teams and a better coherency in the programming phase. On the other end, Python was introduced back in the early years of 1990, and it gained popularity in recent years. But with the advent of Golang by Google, there is a fast pace of the latter language being accepted by developers around the world. You can also try for yourself and build an understanding of what makes Golang better than Python.